Respite Care

Residential Respite care has been designed to allow carers to have a break. Respite is usually booked in advance and has an agreed admission and discharge date.

It may sometimes be organised as a result of an emergency where there has been a sudden change in the home situation such as when the carer has become ill. We currently provide respite in two of our low care facilities, St Helens and Alverna.

Although they are only staying with us on a temporary basis, respite care residents are encouraged to be involved in all of the health and fitness programs, leisure and lifestyle activities and bus outings that are taking place on a daily and weekly basis at Our Lady of Consolation.

In terms of health and fitness programs they can take advantage of our various fitness and therapy programs to maximise their level of independence and make it easier for themselves and their carer when they return home.

The respite care resident can participate in large number of group fitness programs run by our exercise physiology team or they can have an individual program mapped out for them.

They can also take advantage of our physiotherapy programs to address any chronic pain issues or to increase their range of movement.

Respite care residents will also have access to free cable TV as well as free Wi-Fi Internet access in their room for the duration of their stay.

There is a busy schedule of leisure and lifestyle activities each day.

We want to see that daily meals are a culinary delight and we offer a superior range of choice, including a choice of two hot meals for breakfast. At lunchtime there is the choice of three different hot meals, and then two more for dinner as well as the option for a smaller meal.

Residential Care recipients require an ACAT approval to access Residential Respite Care in an Aged Care Facility.

You can read more information about the application process here.