Before You Can Apply

Before you can apply for any of our Residential Care services you will need to be referred to, or directly contact an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

An ACAT assessment works out how well you're able to cope with daily living activities and your own care, as well as which services you may be eligible for. 

An aged care assessment involves a visit from one or two members of the team, who will talk through the activities you find difficult to manage. They’ll then be able to discuss your options and let you know how to access the services that may be able to help you.

Once the ACAT has assessed your needs you can contact the staff at Our Lady of Consolation Aged Care & Services to request further information or to talk about how we can help you. You can contact us at 02 9832 5412.

You can contact your nearest ACAT via this number: 1800 200 422