Influenza Vaccination Policy

23 April 2020

Dear Resident Representative,

Re: 2020 Influenza Vaccine for All Visitors

This letter is to explain how we are going to manage the public health order that means from 1st May 2020 all visitors need to have a current influenza vaccination. There is some work involved in setting this up, but after that it should be quite simple. We want to avoid the embarrassment of having to turn someone away because they haven’t produced evidence of their vaccination and we only have a week before this comes into place, so we need to act quickly.

To make things simple we will issue plastic authorised visitor cards that you will keep and use each time you visit.

To order a visitor card we ask you to email the following information to

  • Your first name and surname,
  • The name of the resident you will be visiting;
  • The facility you need access to: (ie St Francis, St Clare, St Joseph’s, St Anthony’s, St Helen’s, Assunta, or Alverna).
  • Some evidence of your vaccination.

The evidence of your vaccination can be either:
a) A statement or record of your vaccination from a GP or other health practitioner; or
b) A copy of your immunisation history statement available from Medicare Online.

We will acknowledge receipt of the information by email, you will be added to a list of authorised visitors, and a plastic Authorised Visitor card will be available for you to collect on your next visit. Then, each time you visit you will just show us the printed card and some photo identification. The visitor cards are not transferable, so each family member that wants to visit will need to have their own individual card.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to comply with this public health order. These arrangements will be in place until the public health order expires or is revoked and we will let you know as soon as that happens.

I can be contacted on (02) 9832-5406 if required.

Yours sincerely,





Peter Squire
Quality and Performance Manager