Home Care Update

Dear Client or Family Representative

I am writing this letter because we are concerned about those home care clients who have no plans to be vaccinated against Covid 19. Part of our concern is that almost all of our clients who are not vaccinated live in one or other of the local government areas that are considered to be hotspots. I appreciate that this might be a sensitive subject, so I hope you will forgive me raising the issue of vaccination again and asking you to give it some more thought.

The numbers

In February this year it looked like Covid was not a big problem for NSW, but just in the last six weeks we have seen the number of Covid cases increase enormously. We have gone from 317 active cases to 6,068 in that time, which is almost 20 times as many. There are 374 people in NSW hospitals today because of Covid.

Older people are most at risk

You might have heard that Covid is now posing more of a risk to younger people than it did last year, and this is true. However, the plain fact is that the people who are at most risk of dying from Covid are still those over the age of 70 years who have an underlying health condition.

Some people seem to have decided that they will just wait and see about this vaccine. In February this year, it was ok to think you would just wait because there was virtually no Covid around us. Now in August things are quite different and there is much more risk in not being vaccinated because we are in a long running outbreak that shows no signs of coming under control any time soon.

 A very unpleasant end of life experience for the whole family

Doctors and nurses working in Covid hospital units all around the world have all spoken about what a lonely, unpleasant end of life experience it is for anyone who dies from this virus. They are very ill, but most often they are also separated from the rest of their family in the final days of their life, with very little human contact and support able to be around them.

In an ideal end of life situation, most families really appreciate it if they can be around their loved one in their final days, but Covid makes this sort of ideal passing impossible regardless of whether the person is in a hospital or at home, where it is likely everyone in the household will be infected and sick.

I imagine that this sort of outcome is very difficult for family members to deal with in the weeks and months after their loved one has died, because it is very different to how most of us would want our loved one to pass on.

We can help organise this with you

Many people are confused or overwhelmed by the process arranging an appointment to be vaccinated, so we are happy to work at your direction with you, your family and your GP. You just need to contact your Coordinator if you want us to help in any way.

 It is your decision

At the end of the day, you are free to make your own choice and we will respect your decision, but I hope you will give it some more thought.

Please contact Jenny Fahy, our Operations and Developments Manager on 9832-5418 if you would like to discuss any of this.




Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer
13 August 2021