Residential Care – Nursing Home Vaccination Information

Dear Nursing Home resident or relative (St Anthony’s, St Clare, St Francis and St Joseph’s),

I am writing to remind you that OLOC Nursing Home residents (people living in St Anthony’s, St Clare, St Francis and St Joseph’s) are due to receive their second dose of Pfizer Covid vaccination tomorrow, 6 May.

As with the 1st dose, I have one favour that I need to ask of you to help us make this day work better for residents.

So that our residents’ experience of receiving the vaccine is as simple and stress free as possible, and because we want to closely monitor residents after they receive their second dose, we are again asking relatives to avoid visiting St Anthony’s, St Clare, St Francis and St Joseph’s on the vaccination day if at all possible.

As we explained before the first dose, it is a major undertaking to vaccinate a large number of people in one day and we want to ensure that the process is as relaxed and easy as possible for residents. As was the case with the first dose, the second dose of the vaccine will be administered by an independent health team of eight people and any residents who are bed bound will receive the vaccine in their own rooms. However, as a precaution any resident who shows signs of acute illness on the day will not be vaccinated. Our staff will focus both on ensuring that day to day care is provided and that residents are both well supported beforehand and closely monitored afterwards. We are much better placed to achieve this if relatives avoid visiting any of the Nursing Home areas on this one day. You can be assured that we will quickly contact the primary family contact person if there are any concerns after the vaccination.

If you have any questions or concerns you can raise them with Peter Squire, our Quality and Performance Manager on 9832 5406 or our Operations and Development Manager, Jenny Fahy on 9832 5418.

Kind regards,




Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer
5 May 2021