Our Model of Wellbeing

We have an innovative model of care which focuses on improving the wellbeing of people in our care regardless of the health challenges they may be experiencing.


Being Active & Being Able               

We want to have a strong focus on helping our residents minimise pain, and be as physically comfortable as possible. We want people to be as independent and active as they can be. We want to help maintain, and wherever possible, improve their level of physical function and mobility.

Our team of nursing, physiotherapy and exercise physiology staff assess the potential of each resident or Home Care client and then link them to appropriate programs.

In residential care we operate more than 55 exercise classes and programs per week, customised to the varying abilities of high and low care residents, and residents in dementia-specific units.


Being Emotionally Healthy

Across all of our services we want to have a strong focus on supporting the emotional health of our residents and Home Care Clients, and minimise levels of depression and anxiety.

In residential care our independent clinical psychologist can assess and review a resident’s sense of emotional health and wellbeing. This process allows the resident to identify any issues which might be of concern to them. Our staff, acting on this advice, can work quickly to address any specific concerns and can get a good sense of who the resident is and how they would like to be supported.

We aim to be flexible enough to accommodate the individuality of our residents and Home Care clients in the way we provide care and services. We want to maximise people’s sense of control over their own lives.


Being Connected & Engaged

We aim to support residents and Home Care clients to stay engaged in long-held interests and relationships, and wherever possible, to develop new ones. We want to encourage families to stay engaged with our residents and Home Care clients.

In residential care we provide free Wi-Fi internet access as well as training and support to allow residents to use the internet to keep in touch with children, grandchildren and friends.

There are also user friendly touch screen computers in handy locations across the site.

We provide a superior range of leisure and lifestyle programs to help people engage with things that interest them.


Exploring a Sense of Calm & Inner Peace

We want to offer a range of resources and programs that help people to explore a sense of inner calm and peace. For many people this is linked to their spirituality.

For residents who are Catholic, we have daily Mass on site. For people of all religious traditions, Christian and non-Christian, our pastoral care team is available to support the resident in maintaining their individual spirituality.

For many people finding a sense of peace can be linked to programs such as Meditation, Relaxation, Tai Chi, Yoga and Massage.