Client Stories

Barbara – What a Difference This Care Package Has Made

Barbara’s husband Gordon, has had a Home Care Package with OLOC for the better part of a decade. Barbara tells us how much of a difference that package has made.

Carmen – Wellness & Exercise in Day Respite

Carmen is once again able to walk.. and drive. Through her own hard work and the support of OLOC’s Wellness Centre and Get Yourself Moving Programs.

Beris – Backup & Support When You Need It

Beris receives an “excellent” level of care from Our Lady of Consolation. Her package coordinator is in regular contact and is always ready to help.

Beris – Making a Difference in Packaged Care

John and Beris are packaged care clients of ten year’s standing. Beris tells us how Our Lady of Consolation has helped them to remain active and at home.

Carmen – Restorative Day Respite

Carmen shares her goals for day respite, she is working towards them at The Wellness Centre through her choice of social, wellbeing, and exercise programs. Day Respite can make a world of difference in the lives of both clients and their carers.

Barbara – Care, Organisation and Help When You Need it

Barbara tells us about the quality of care and support that OLOC provides, the care staff that become like family and the help that is only ever a phone call away.

Beris – Reliable Staff You Can Trust

Knowing the care staff that visit her home is hugely important to Beris. Having consistent, reliable and trustworthy care staff means that Beris can do more with her day.

Beris – Exercise Programs on a Home Care Package

John has worked hard to be able to stay at home. He exercises with care staff daily and has a weekly consultation with an exercise physiologist from OLOC’s Get Yourself Moving Programs.