Community Care Staff Update

Update 13 January 2022

Dear Staff Member

I’m writing to you to thank you for your work in this difficult situation that we face at the moment and to explain how we intend to manage the delivery of services to clients. This Covid crisis is simply extraordinary, and so many people have contracted the virus or have had to isolate because somebody close to them has. As you would well know, it has become very difficult for us to provide the same range of services to clients that we would normally provide.

In the circumstances, it’s understandable that some clients and some family members might be disappointed with the level of service that we are providing.  However, we need to ensure that we provide essential services to all our clients and to do this we will need to operate in a slightly different way to normal.

This morning I have written to clients and family members explaining that we will be focusing on providing essential services until the Covid crisis has resolved. This means that we won’t be taking clients to venues like shopping centres, there will need to be some compromise in terms of the time when services are provided and we may not be able to provide the staff members that a particular family is familiar with and have a relationship with.

Health experts say that this Covid crisis will start to drop off very soon, which means that we may only have to do this for a few weeks. But of course we can’t be sure of how long it will go on for. In the meantime, we need to continue to provide services to our clients in the best way we can and with as much charm and goodwill as we can muster.

If clients or family members have concerns that you cannot answer, please ask them to speak with your Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator. Thank you again for the work you’re doing.

Barry Wiggins 

Chief Executive Officer