Staff COVID Update

Updated 3 January 2022

Dear Staff Member,

New Screening and testing arrangements for St Helens staff from tonight

There are new screening and testing arrangements for St Helens staff, commencing tonight, and these are set out a little way down the page below.

But first I want to acknowledge the significant impact that this surge in Covid in the community is having on individual staff members and their families.  They might have tested positive or be anxiously isolating because someone in their household has tested positive.  No-one lives in a bubble and Covid seems to have found its way into just about everyone’s family network or social network in the last few weeks. This is a difficult time and to those of you who have been directly impacted, we are thinking of you.

And once again, I want to acknowledge the enormous amount of work that is going into managing the Covid exposures that we have had in our residential facilities. Facility staff and management across the 24 hours of the day are doing a great job, and I know that a number of staff worked today to give some back up, so thank you.

All residential care staff:  

There will be no routine surveillance clinic tomorrow (Tuesday) as there is currently a shortage of swabs.  In any case we expect that there is going to be a shift towards more use of Rapid Antigen tests.

St Helens staff:  We now have had three staff test positive for Covid and to avoid any spread of the virus to other staff or to residents, we are making two changes:

  1. Starting from tonight, all staff working in St. Helens will need to do a Rapid Antigen test before starting their shift. We will supply your testing kit.
  2. You are asked to arrive with a mask on (we suggest that you put it on as soon as you leave your car) and wait at the sign in desk or outside at the foyer to be called in and be given a testing kit. All staff are to leave your mask on until you drive away after your shift with OLOC.

Thank you for your cooperation in adjusting to this change to our screening and testing arrangements.  As always you can Jenny Fahy on 9832 5418 if you have any concerns.

Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer
3 January 2022