Latest Update

UPDATED 25th September 2020


Dear staff member,

We have reviewed the policy of having staff wear masks in residential and home care and have decided that we cannot sensibly relax it yet.

 We looked in some detail at the option of adopting a partial relaxation of the policy, which would mean that some staff would need to continue to use masks but some others could stop wearing a mask in our facilities and home care services.  In doing that we had to consider:

  1. Staff who live in hotspot LGAs. This is quite simple.

  2. Staff who might have recently visited one of the hotspot LGAs. This is not simple at all.  Under the amended advice from NSW Health, if you even visit your GP, shop for groceries, buy petrol, or have your hair done in a hotspot LGA you would need to be wearing a mask for the next 14 days!  In practice this means that we would all need to maintain a detailed log of where we were at any given time when we were not at work. It might be that we end up having to do this but it will be easier if there are fewer hotspot LGAs close to us in a week or so.

  3. Staff who work in more than one area. These staff would have to continue to wear masks, at least in their primary work area.  This is not a major complication, but there is potential for some confusion.

  4. Staff who worked in the Wellness Respite Centre would need to keep wearing masks because some clients come from two of the hotspot LGAs.


In short, this option of a partial relaxation of the policy is not as simple or straightforward as we hoped it might be and it has the potential for some level of confusion.

We expect further advice from NSW Health towards the end of next week and we will review the policy again then.


Thank you again for your ongoing patience and your commitment.  Have a nice weekend.




Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer
25 September 2020