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Happy International Nurses Day! (Thursday 12 May 2022)

Dear Staff Member

Today, Thursday 12 May, marks International Nurses Day 2022, and it is a good time for our nursing and care staff to take a breath and be proud of yourselves for the valuable role that you play in our world. You can certainly say that you do some good in the world!

This week we find ourselves managing Covid outbreaks in three of our residential units, St Anthony’s, Assunta and Alverna. I want to acknowledge the outstanding work that has been done and continues to be done in these units by our staff and managers. We are lucky to have so many really good people working for us at OLOC.

I appreciate the staff in these units are working in full PPE and that this is very uncomfortable and very difficult. In recognition of this, for an initial period of six months from the start of this current outbreak in early May, we will be paying a 20% loading to staff who are working in full PPE. We think it’s important to acknowledge the difficulty that staff are dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

That Ground Hog Day Feeling
On a more personal level, we can all be forgiven for sometimes feeling like we are living through a recurring series of Covid scares, when our instinctive reactions might be “here we go again” or “when will this end?”  It can all be a bit overwhelming at times. Or it can just grind us down over time, and if that happens for us, we are usually just feeling a little less of everything, including the good in life.

I want to remind people that it’s important to look after yourself on an emotional level. Covid continues to be a major problem for us, both at work and at home.  Covid is obviously a challenge at work but it also can get in the road of us doing some of the things that we used to enjoy before the pandemic.  We all work hard at OLOC, and we can be proud that together we do some substantial good here, but we have to maintain a balance in our lives.  We all get out of balance sometimes, but at those moments we need to stop and take a breath. And find that something that works for us, that tops up our energy level and sense of joy.

I don’t have easy answers that work for everyone, but whether it’s taking up meditation, doing some more exercise, shouting at the TV when our team is playing or enjoying a glass of wine with someone we like, we all need to find ways to relax and sit back and smell the roses sometimes.

Thank You
On behalf of the management team, thank you for the work you do. We hope you have a nice International Nurses Day.

Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive officer