Latest Update

UPDATED 23rd December 2020


Dear staff member,

Today NSW Health have eased some restrictions on visiting in residential care but they have left all staff needing to wear masks when we are in a facility or in the home of any community care client. This is very disappointing after we thought we were past needing to wear masks. We don’t know how long this will be in place but the advice applies for the next week.

In residential care NSW Health eased restrictions to allow residents two visitors a day but residents are not able to leave the facility to attend family functions until the management of Covid in Sydney is back under control.



It is important to note that NSW Health thinks this is a serious risk we are facing in Sydney and they are trying to keep everyone safe from Covid until we can all be vaccinated.

This week we understand that NSW Health has been able to Covid test every single resident and every staff member at facilities on the Northern Beaches, so it is encouraging to see that they seem ready and able to respond quickly when there is an outbreak.

The Chairman of the Board, Dr Rodger Austin, has asked me to thank you for your patience and commitment throughout this crazy year. Together we have been through so much that we have had to adjust to or work around that we have become quite practiced at it.

Thank you again for all your work this year and for your support. Earlier in the year everyone was scrambling to learn about Covid and each of us had some moments when we were somewhere anxious and damn scared. It has not been easy but we got through this year together. So I hope you and your families can find a way of making this Christmas special, because you deserve it.

Finally, I want to thank Jenny Fahy and Peter Squire who have taken on and managed huge responsibilities this year.




Barry Wiggins

Chief Executive Officer

23 December 2020