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UPDATED 6th September 2021

Dear staff member,

A more normal life in six weeks time

On the weekend, the Premier Gladys Berejiklian told us we can return to something much more like normal life in six weeks time if we are vaccinated. She acknowledged that everyone is tired and flat but she said that vaccination levels are increasing and she pointed out that six weeks goes quickly. I was a bit surprised that this angle worked for me, but it did – I thought okay, we can get through another six weeks, to mid-October, if we can see the prospect of enjoying a more normal life coming soon.

It is a gloomier picture for people who are not vaccinated. It is very likely that more industries and employers will insist that staff be vaccinated and most hospitality venues – cafes, restaurants, hotels – will probably not admit people who are not vaccinated as staff or customers.

Today’s advice is that the daily case numbers are going to get a little worse before they get better. We need to understand this in advance and not be on an emotional roller coaster linked to daily case numbers.

A Weekly Lucky Draw linked to Covid testing

Thank you to all the staff who have been testing onsite and to those in home care who are testing offsite. Already a number of times it has really helped us manage the situation when someone has been identified as a casual or close contact in the community, because we have had updated proof the person involved had tested negative on a particular day after the date of the community exposure.

With Glady Berejiklian’s six week timeframe in mind, for the next six weeks we are having a lucky draw for a $100 gift card for people testing onsite each week and another $100 gift card lucky draw for home care staff who are testing offsite. Gemma Shorten collates the list of staff testing each week, so on Friday afternoon each week she will generate a random number for each group using the website If the number is 98 then the gift card goes to the person who is 98th in alphabetical order on the list of staff who have tested and they have the same choice of gift cards as we offered in the recent all staff gift card promotion.


Some facility management changes

There are a few changes in the management of residential facilities starting today.

  • Maryann Peters will take on responsibility for overseeing all of the nursing home, including St Anthonys.
  • Rosalie Cacha will be report to Maryann in her role as the Registered Nurse in St Anthonys.
  • Solomon Kebede will work half time with Jenny Fahy and Peter Squire on special projects, to provide support and oversight across all facilities. He will also be working closely with the clinical governance team.
  • To make this possible, Minal Trivedi will take on an extended role in Assunta as the Registered Nurse and Solomon will continue to be manager of that facility but will drop back to working half time in that role.

These changes are to help us continue to manage quality outcomes for residents and will be in place initially until Christmas.


National Summit on Women’s Safety

Today I want to acknowledge the start of a National Summit on Women’s Safety. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in addressing the summit this morning, said “Right now, too many Australian women do not feel safe and too often, they are not safe, and that is not OK. There is no excuse, and sorry does not cut it.”

Unfortunately, this issue is one that crops up from time to time in every work place, including our own. When it does we never have any simple, easy answers that we can offer and we are reminded just how unfair and frightening domestic violence and the threat of it is. So let us hope that this summit is the start of some real change, including priority funding for more safe housing and support options in a crisis.


On the weekend, the Chairman of Lifeline John Brogden said one thing that has worked well in the pandemic has been that more people have been asking for help when they needed it. I hope you are travelling ok, but if you are struggling for any reason there is help available through our Employment Assistance Program. This is a free service and no one at OLOC is aware that you are using the service. You can ring 1800 818 728 or make contact through their website at




Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer
6 September 2021