Inside Out – A Journey of Art Therapy

Our Lady of Consolation is proud to present the release of our first art therapy book, Inside Out; A Journey of Art Therapy.

Inside Out is a celebration of the stories, imagination and creativity of residents of Our Lady of Consolation as they engage in the process of self-discovery through art therapy. The artworks featured in the book are created by residents who manage their physical and cognitive limitations to seize the opportunity to make something meaningful while reflecting on the things they have seen or felt.













Inside Out is a collection of fond childhood memories and pivotal moments in time, both of triumph and ruin. Beauty, humour and whimsy grace the pages through witty titles, imaginative scenes and moments of reflection. Each brush stroke, pencil marking and colour choice reflects the artists’ unique creativity, as they discover their rhythm and find comfort in the process of creating art. Inside Out is proof that creativity knows no bounds and proudly showcases the importance of storytelling and creativity, the power of perseverance and the positive impact of art therapy.

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