Do More With Your Package

16 March 2017 | Packaged Care

When you’re on a care package with a limited budged every item and every hour count. OLOC delivers better value in home care packages in three ways:

We are efficient.

We are big enough to be efficient, small enough to care. That means you can afford more hours of direct services each week. Industry benchmarking data suggests that we deliver nearly twice the average number of care hours provided by other providers in that survey. It means you pay less in administration fees.

We are effective.

We make sure that what we do works well for you. You can rely on our staff, because they are good people, who enjoy working with older people. You can rely on our staff because they are well trained and well supported.

We build trust with you by providing consistency in staff rostering. We provide you with back up and support – and we are available when you call. When you ring you get to speak to someone you know, not someone in a call centre. We know that carers are so important and we listen. We put much more time into client and carer support.

We are a not for profit.

We are big enough to be efficient, small enough to care. Providing good service is the focus of our mission, our purpose. We are here to provide good services, not to make big profits.

So we see that our prices affordable. We are not always asking you to pay for more and more.