Strength & Fitness based Programs

Choosing a Home Care Package with Our Lady of Consolation gives a client access to an individualised Get Yourself Moving program that fits seamlessly into their program of care and services.


One consultation with the Get Yourself Moving team is all it takes for a program to be mapped out and incorporated into a client’s package. Each program aligns with a client’s everyday goals, their level of ability and budgetary preferences.

This means that no two Home Care Package Get Yourself Moving programs need look alike.


One client might choose a home-based exercise to have fun and get fit. Another client might want to focus on upper body strength so they can continue to do household tasks while other clients might focus on lower body strength and balance because they had a recent fall. In each case, our exercise physiologist will help track the client’s progress.

OLOC Get Yourself Moving Programs allow clients to access a range of professional staff who are available for one-off or ongoing consultations including exercise physiologists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, registered nurses and more. A client might also choose to sometimes come to our purpose-built facilities to use our specialist equipment or enjoy a hydrotherapy session in one of our allied local pools.


A Home Care Package Get Yourself Moving Program is particularly useful to people who live in their own home and who:

  • Are interested in reducing their risk of falling, or;
  • Are concerned that they may be sitting for too many hours of the day;
  • Would like to get back to their normal level of activity after a stay in hospital or a prolonged period suffering an acute illness

Whatever the reason, you can meet with our exercise physiologists and enjoy a full assessment of your physical capacity, followed by a tailor-made exercise program focusing on your real life goals and needs.