Residential Care

Updated 19 January 2022 at 5:40 pm

Dear Resident or Relative

Today we had some encouraging news in terms of allowing residents out of their rooms.

We are conscious that there are two main ways that Covid exposures and outbreaks impact on residents.  One is that we cannot allow visitors and the other is that at least some of the time residents are being isolated in their rooms.

Today we have made some progress in terms of getting people out of isolation in their rooms.

After discussions with the Public Health Unit today, those residents in St Helens, St Josephs and St Francis who have returned negative test results are now out of isolation and can move around freely in their facility and the grounds adjacent to the facility.

Two residents in St Helens and one in St Josephs are still in isolation for a few more days.

All residents in Assunta and St Anthonys were already out of isolation.

There is no change today in regard to Alverna, where we had two residents test positive this week.

Across the site we are still closed to visitors but we have a meeting with the public health unit tomorrow and on the agenda is whether we might be able to find a way to manage these situations in a slightly less restrictive way in future.  We will keep you updated.

The contact person for this update is Peter Squire on 9832 5406.

Barry Wiggins

Chief Executive Officer





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