Residential Care

Dear resident or relative

It is clear that NSW Health is struggling to contain this outbreak of Covid in Sydney and unfortunately the Blacktown Local Government Area is now one of a number of areas of concern. I don’t have a lot of news to deliver, but I can give you an update on how we are keeping our residents safe.

Supporting our residents

Our residents obviously miss seeing their families so we are working hard to compensate for this and help reduce any sense of isolation. We are trying to see that day-to-day life for residents is as normal as possible and that they have some interesting recreational activities that they can participate in. Because we have had to temporarily close our day respite centre while this lockdown is on, we have redeployed the staff from that centre as additional recreation staff in residential care until the restrictions are lifted. That has allowed us open a coffee shop in the main hall in the nursing home and these additional staff have been working with residents to facilitate video calls to family members in all facility units across the site.

 Vaccination rates amongst our staff

There have been a number of recent media reports highlighting concerns about the level of Covid vaccination in aged care staff, so I want to put your minds at rest about this issue. It seems that we are a long way ahead of the average in the aged care sector because 97% of our staff group are at least partly vaccinated and more than half (54%) are fully vaccinated. By Tuesday next week, we will have more than two thirds (68%) of our staff fully vaccinated.

These figures relate to staff in our residential care facilities, our home care services staff and our administration staff.

At OLOC we have been proactive in recommending to staff that they need to be vaccinated and they have responded well ahead of the most recent outbreak. They appreciated that it has a lot to do with keeping our residents safe.

The level of vaccination amongst residents is also over 95% across the site, so we can all take some comfort from the fact that vaccination levels across the site are very high amongst both residents and staff.

Extra Precautions

We have further upgraded our QR check in systems in the last few weeks and we are now using a two level check in and screening system for all staff and any contractors that need to come on site. We are minimising staff movements across the site and we have intervened to ensure that no one is working at any other aged care facilities as well as working with us.

We have really appreciated your patience and support during these last four weeks and you can be reassured that we will quickly update you if there are any further developments.

If you have any questions, please ring Jenny Fahy on 9832 5418 or Peter Squire on 9832 5406.




Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer
26 July 2021

Visitor Policy

All aged care facilities across Greater Sydney are now closed to visitors .

Ongoing Review: OLOC will continue to closely monitor and update this policy as updated advice becomes available.