Building Works Update – Staff

Changes to entrance to Nursing Home from tomorrow, Wednesday 1st November

Dear staff member 

As we signalled by text last week, there will be changes in how you access the nursing home from tomorrow.

  1. The main entrance to the nursing home will be closed to staff and visitors from tomorrow, Wednesday 1st November
  2. Staff will enter the nursing home from a temporary entrance in St Josephs, which is to the right of the existing entrance. (please see the map below)
  3. All visitors will need to use the other main entrance, which is at the eastern end of the building, near the laundry. We are sending a message to all relatives about this today.
  4. The parking area next to the laundry will need to be for visitors only.
  5. So all staff, including laundry staff will need to park near the existing main entrance at St Josephs.

As you know, we are in the middle of a major refurbishment project, and in the next stage we will be building a spectacular roof top garden over the existing entrance to the nursing home, and we will also be rebuilding the existing hall, building a new resident gym area and a new hairdressing salon.

Today Robyn Dickens and Gemma Shorten will move to a new office next to the entrance at the laundry end of the building, so they are easily accessible if relatives need any assistance.  Maryann Peters and Michelle Crooke are now located near the St Josephs nurses station.

We appreciate that there may be some nuisance value for staff, but we appreciate your patience and cooperation.  We have managed several similar upgrading projects in our other facilities, so we are confident that we can minimise any disruption for staff and for relatives. If you have any questions you can ring Peter Squire on 98325406 and we will do our best to address any concerns.

Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer