Six Steps to Quality Care

16 March 2017 | Packaged Care

OLOC delivers quality in our home care packages. We define quality in the following ways:

1. We deliver more care hours.

Benchmarking data suggests that we deliver nearly twice the average number of care hours provided by other providers, so the quality of our care packages is superior.* You are not rushed, and we take the time to do things well.

2. We are available when you need us. When you ring you find us, not a call centre.

When you ring, you find us, not an anonymous voice at a call centre. We build relationships with the people on our care packages, and with family carers. We are focused on delivering what you ask of us.

3. We provide consistency in staffing.

We work to provide consistency in staffing. When you have the same staff coming into your house you get to know them and get to trust them.

4. Staff arriving on time, at the time you want them.

We understand the importance of staff being on time. We understand the service should be when you want it, not when it suits us.

5. We put more time into client and carer support.

Our carers tell us that they really value the support they receive from their Coordinators..* We support carers because we understand how important they are. Benchmarking data suggests that we put much more time into client and carer support

6. You can include a home exercise program.

OLOC Get Yourself Moving Programs give OLOC home care package clients the chance to have a personalised exercise program delivered at home.

It is usually taken up by clients who have issues related to:

  • declining mobility,
  • deconditioning,
  • degenerative disease, or
  • recovering from a recent hospital visit.