Home Care

Friday 9th October 2020

Dear Client or Family Representative

This is a very quick update about a few changes in hotspot LGAs.

Up until Wednesday this week NSW had recorded 12 days in a row with zero community transmission of COVID-19, but in the last two days we have had 13 new cases. So NSW has done very well but we need to be cautious and vigilant because there is still a level of community transmission.

Changes in hotspot areas

As of today, there are now only two hotspot LGAs which are Liverpool and Camden. This means that:

    1. Staff who live in or have visited Parramatta or Campbelltown LGAs no longer need to be wearing a mask in your home. This is consistent with the latest advice from NSW Health.
    2. Only staff who live in or have been in Liverpool LGA or Camden LGA in the last 14 days need to wear a mask when they are working in your home.
    3. We need to be notified before our staff arrive at your house if someone in your house or someone who has recently visited your house has been told to have a COVID test or if they have had a test and are waiting for results of a COVID test.


As always, we thank you for your patience and your support this year. If you have any questions please raise them with your service Coordinator as you would with any routine issue or question.

Yours sincerely,





Barry Wiggins

Chief Executive Officer

9 October 2020