Home Care

Dear Client or Family Representative

I want to explain why OLOC is well placed to keep our home care clients safe in this extended lockdown in Sydney and how we are responding to the latest extension of the restrictions. I also want to strongly suggest that as many clients and family members as possible need to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Staff Vaccination rates

There have been some recent media reports about a low level of Covid vaccination in aged care staff, so I want to put your minds at rest about this issue. I am pleased to report that 98% of our home care staff are at least partly vaccinated and that 67% are fully vaccinated.

At OLOC we have been proactive in recommending to staff that they need to be vaccinated and staff have responded well ahead of the most recent outbreak. Our staff have understood that being vaccinated goes a long way towards keeping our clients safe because they are much less likely to contract the virus and be able to pass it on. They also know that they are protecting themselves and their families.

Precautions that our staff are taking to keep you safe

  1. The first precaution that our staff have taken is of course to be vaccinated, and this the key precaution. As this Delta variant of the virus continues to be a concern across Sydney, there is more and more evidence emerging that vaccination works.
  2. The second precaution our staff have been taking has been wearing masks when in clients’ homes.
  3. As a third level of precaution, we are asking all our home care staff to have a weekly Covid Test.

Precautions that you and your family can take  

As you know, you have been asked to wear a mask whenever our staff are in the house: we all know that this feels pretty strange but it is a sensible precaution in the circumstances and it is one that our staff appreciate. We can look back and laugh about it later, when we don’t need to do it any more, when Australia is on top of Covid and it is no longer much of a threat.

Until then, our ideal situation would be that everyone else living in your household and everyone else who is likely to be visiting your home (when restrictions are eventually eased) is vaccinated. This is simply the safest position for you, for them and for our staff.

Please speak to your Coordinator about this if you have any questions. If you then have any further concerns you can contact Jenny Fahy, our Operations and Developments Manager on 9832-5418.




Barry Wiggins
Chief Executive Officer
28 July 2021